Manok Cohen

Manok Cohen is an artist living in Healdsburg California. Born in Laos to a Vietnamese mother and a French father, she was sent to be raised in Normandy, France after the outbreak of the Vietnam War. Manok began painting at a young age. After high school she spent a decade in the South of France weaving tapestries in an atelier that occupied an abandoned chapel in a small mountain village near Nice. She then moved to Paris to work for the fashion house Kenzo, and began painting on a larger scale. In the early 90’s the natural beauty and range of landscapes Manok found in Northern California called her to live and paint in Sonoma County.

Manok’s works are abstractions based on nature and the landscape. She is interested in exploring expressionistic use of mark making. She works with acrylics and mixed media on wood panels. She paints from imagination and intuition, drawing on her memories from extensive hiking in California and in her travels around the world. With remarkable resonance of texture and color her landscapes are mysterious, romantic and comforting. Her work allows the viewer/collector to create a personal narrative based on his or her own point of view and imagination.


  • Beaux Arts de Rouen, Normandy France, 1970–1972
  • Atelier Meliande, St. Agnes, France, Apprentice Weaver 1973–1978.
  • Atelier Meliande, St. Agnes, France, Artisan Weaver 1978–1983


  • 1999    Flying Goat Café/ Gallery, Healdsburg CA— One woman show.
  • 2002    Flying Goat Café/ Gallery, Healdsburg CA— One woman show.
  • 2004    Flying Goat Café/ Gallery— Women Group Show, ‘Vote’.
  • 2009    Studio Barndiva, Healdsburg CA— Manok & Minor, Two artist show w/ wire sculptor.
  • 2013    Spinster Sisters, Santa Rosa CA— Manok &One woman show. Press Release in Press Democrat.